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  1. I told my Boss we are the team we work together let me fix it won't take long
  2. I'm deeply meditation looking in the Bible finding that keep to the what he said dao duc is the steel safety block that can block any harm come approaching closer. .
  3. The only thing you can do is you are on your own way no one else can help.
  4. On driver side.
  5. He turn off the Air to the trailer to make the truck disable .
  6. He came as twice of my body weight and verbal abuse me then I have no choice to made a formal complaint which is to be delivery to the office . On Monday.
  7. large.IMG_0502.JPG.83f2071f6886909d8c9d683efdd17c59.JPG 2 nd trip to Albany
  8. My Server has been shutdown from from an unknown attacked by DDOS to freezing the Serve for more than half an day. I have had checked because I have two different Domain name.
  9. It's good news I found the way to boot up this server. From now on, we gonna never stuck in outa base.
  10. I have cancelled one of my business account as it's genarate (generate) nothing and cost me ten bucks a month. This source will boot this Server up and upgraded to double the space compared to our old Server. This Server has been recovered from out of action for hours due of run out of space. It's all good for now.
  11. You don't see them but I see them, this is the luckiest I have hope that the Issues (Vấn Nạn) for VN will be resolved peacefully. You'll see that why I have so many followers.
  12. Wow greeting from Dragon afternoon onboard.
  13. Dream chaser
  14. I have handed his brother and sister a completed set bluray DVDS and double layers DVDs. His Aunty (Cô Chín) who live about 50 met away from Bạch Ngọc Kinh tại thế (Đền Thánh) also received copy The Lễ Tang Cô Ba which I was the Director for that big event.