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  1. Ian going deep into the early day create this unsinkable server and asked myself why spending too much time on this IT and you are sure you will have your Audience follow you ? Now we can see how Facebook block every one whose have reported. We are independent and our server are far better than Facebook and the point is no one can block us.
  2. I met your Grand Father up there I saw myself knee down in front while he sat down in the way kiết già.
  3. Nguyễn-Xuân Nghĩa Streamed live on Oct 3, 2017 SUBSCRIBED 3.3KSUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBED UNSUBSCRIBE Category News & Politics License Standard YouTube License 11 Comments SORT BY Add a public comment... Thuy Nguyen2 days ago Chào ông chúc ông sức khoẻ REPLY4 Thinh Ngo2 days ago Sau hai buổi nói chuyện liên tục dưới tiêu đề Hoa Kỳ Dị của ktg Nguyễn-Xuân Nghĩa ngày hôm nay, tôi có cảm tưởng được ngồi trong một giảng đường đại học theo rõi một thuyết trình từ một giáo sư uyên bác đề cập khá nhiều vấn đề nhưng liên quan với nhau từ thời sự, hiện tình Equifax, ... đến, tất nhiên, tình trạng đất nước VN cùng viễn ảnh một tương lai do hậu quả từ tri thức chậm lụt của giới cầm quyền cs. Xin cám ơn các buổi nói chuyện rất hữu ích và sự đóng góp nhiệt tình của ông NX Nghĩa. Show less REPLY17 View reply Hanh Barker2 days ago chau xin chao bac nghia. REPLY7 Tony Tr2 days ago men chao` Bac' Nghia,,,luon chuc Bac' luon khoe~ .. REPLY6 Van Lapreen2 days ago Bai giai ao qua hay, nho bac Nghia ma toi hieu duoc nhieu van de ma xua nay chua biet. Chan thanh cam on. REPLY1 Mai Trần2 days ago Chúc ông sức khoẻ dồi dào. REPLY2 MrAPN311 day ago Rất ngưỡng mộ sự hiểu biết uyên bác của ông! Mong mọi người ủng hộ channel của Ktg. Nguyễn Xuân Nghĩa bằng cách nhấn nút subscribe để cám ơn sự cống hiến thời gian của ông làm những chương trình bổ ích cho chúng ta xem. Kính chúc sức khỏe ông Nghĩa và mọi người! REPLY NGUYEN TUAN Anh2 days ago Lảm nhảm, nông cạn, hời hợt, thậm chí còn xuyên tạc vô căn cứ. Khổ thân ông chết trong đói nghèo, bất lực. Chuyên gia Kt mà vậy thì mạt vận. REPLY Glendle Vo2 days ago (edited) Lang thang trên không gian ão lúc đầu khi theo dỏi bác Nghĩa tôi cũng giống như bạn không hiểu gì hết nhưng dần theo thời gian bác đã khai mở trí não tôi nhiều điều về xã hội Việt Nam . Sau nầy đâm ra ghiền theo dỏi các bài mới của bác, mong bác sức khỏe dồi dào để khai mở nhiều hơn trí não chúng ta . vuon-tho-tao-ngo.org Read more REPLY1 rick fire1 day ago VC ngu lảm nhảm sao vô nghe hoài vậy.
  4. He jump in to play on his sword in front uncle Nghia. I can’t keep silent anymore to intercept them and explanations to him in my early day surfing the net followed uncle Nghia nohestly I like you didn’t understand what he has been teaching me but I never give up and got hook unable to escape.
  5. Busy almost half a day with rewarded. In my dream last night, I saw her again the point is she prove to me that we can communicate with her. Honestly I want to stay on that world and I knew it won't last long.
  6. I have a magnificent sweet dream last night on Bach Ngoc Kinh director for a big even meeting as alway I saw myself busy to run the show wearing a casually shirt. I have first time meeting with Uncle Hiền Tài Giáo (bác Sáu Giáo) head of Caodai Australia. He told me that I have to wear a Đại Phục to perform the Ceremony.
  7. Danlambao - The mother of blogger Me Nam has just issued an emergency alert about her family’s situation and safety concerns. Her daughter, blogger Me Nam (Mother Mushroom), Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh, who is currently in police custody under Article 88 since October 10, 2016 for interrogation and investigation for peacefully exercising her right to free expression. On the evening of May 20, 2017, the blogger's house at 24 Dang Tat, Nha Trang was surrounded by over 50 security policemen in both plain clothes and uniforms. The entire alley leading to her house has been blocked and her house is under siege by the police. The mother of the blogger, Nguyen Thi Tuyet Lan is still being confined by the police at the time of this news report. On her personal facebook page, Nguyen Thi Tuyet Lan shares the following: “Various police forces including the police, security police, and civil defense units have been staking out in front of my house since the day before. Nobody notifies me of the reasons why my house is being surrounded and why my family is being confined. They do not let me or anyone in my family out of the house. I am a citizen who does not break any law, and is an old woman who cannot even handle a stick. Keeping me locked up in the house for whatever reason is unacceptable. This behavior of the State Police and the Police of Khanh Hoa province reflects a pattern of abuse of power, and state oppression of the elderly, the weak, and the vulnerable children." This confinement is believed to be related to the upcoming Vietnam-US Human Rights Dialogue 2017, scheduled for May 23, 2017 in Hanoi city. It is anticipated that during this dialogue, the arbitrary detention of blogger Mother Mushroom will be one of the important topics for discussion on the agenda. And the act of confinement of the blogger’s family is deemed a brazen maneuver to stop contacts between the US diplomatic delegation and her family before the Human Rights Dialogue. There also may be another reason for the police confinement of the blogger’s family: Blogger Mother Mushroom, Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh was recently recognized by the US Department of State for her efforts in advocating for human rights, and was awarded with the prestigious 2017 International Women of Courage Award. It is believed that the Vietnamese authorities are confining the blogger’s mother in an effort to stop her from meeting with the U.S. delegates to receive such award on her daughter’s behalf. The United States government has repeatedly demanded the Vietnamese authorities to immediately and unconditionally release blogger Mother Mushroom, Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh. 21/5/2017 Danlambao danlambaovn.blogspot.com
  8. That blooddy a**hole is just keep f*ckup the airhole pressure connecting to the trailer, make me skid off every time I have a job to do with that old prime mover .
  9. IMG_0553.thumb.jpg.0ae9a27c2f35e53bdcc84aecdf27ff15.jpg This is the second time I got hit by the far left of the Air connection key fail to hook to the trailer.
  10. My Server is one of the best on our Planet has been uder attack for almost half a day and I can't login at all. vuonthotaongo.org currently under DDos attacked. I'll get to the server admin to fix it (ASAPS).
  11. After I read that TNHT then I figured out that we can only survive by eating beans due to the Communist poisoned everyone. Time to store beans.
  12. Mission to Albany